Don't Start Construction Until Your Site Is Properly Prepared

Ask how our site preparation services can help

If your plot of land isn't properly prepared before construction starts, you could end up with costly and stressful issues down the line. Make sure your site is ready by scheduling professional site preparation services with CLS Land Management, LLC.

Our team will:

  • Remove all obstructions at once to help you stay on schedule
  • Reduce the risk of damaging underground pipes or wires
  • Grade the land to prevent foundation issues
  • Make it easier to access your entire site
Ensure your project goes smoothly. Schedule professional site preparation services in Scottsville or Charlottesville, VA today.

Let local pros handle the heavy lifting

When you work with our team, we'll handle all the heavy lifting so you don't have to. Trust us to remove stubborn trees, shrubs and rocks with ease. Once we're through, you'll have a perfectly clean and clear piece of land ready for new construction.

We'll also level the land with professional grading services. Contact us today to learn more.