Building a New Basement?

Prepare with our basement excavation services in Scottsville, VA

Do you want to add a new basement to your property in Scottsville, VA? If you've never built a basement on an existing home, you might b wondering how to create the space for it. To get started on your project, you can reach out to CLS Land Management, LLC for basement excavation services.

We'll help you add a basement to your existing building or one that's under construction. We'll prepare the area by digging and removing the excavated soil and other materials. Call 434-466-8100 today to ask about our basement excavation services.

Rely on us for all forms of excavation

If you need to excavate to add other features to your property, you rely on our crew and our powerful equipment to help.

Count us for:

  • Drain excavation
  • Footer excavation
  • Driveway excavation
  • Septic system excavation
Plus, we can use our equipment to grade land. Contact our company now to discuss anything from basement and driveway excavation to land grading.