What Happens to the material after it's cleared?

With the forestry mulcher the material is shredded and remains onsite creating a mulch layer that inhibits weed growth and aids in stabilizing the soil. Over time this mulch breaks down into the soil. When clearing large trees and stumps there are a variety of options in dealing with the slash, logs and stumps. This ranges from chipping/mulching, burning, stacking or piling onsite, burying or hauling offsite. We will discuss these options with each client as to what fits both their overall plan for the site and their budget.

What are the Benefits of mulching?

The benefit to using the forestry mulcher is the speed in which an area can be cleared of underbrush and trees 8" and smaller in diameter while limiting the soil impact using larger equipment.

What Type of Equipment Do You Use?

CLS Land Management uses Kubota equipment in their normal daily operations with larger equipment brought when the job requires it. The forestry mulcher is made by Fecon with interchangeable teeth that can be changed out depending on the material being mulched and the presence of rocks or other material that may damage the head.

What are the Cost and Time Benefits?

The time and cost benefits in using the forestry mulcher mounted on a skidsteer allow for use in tight spaces, fence lines and rough terrain. The benefit of speed in using the mulcher is less time on site compared to piling, burning or hauling trees and brush. Many clients tell me they have been working on clearing an area or trail for days, weeks or even months and just aren't making progress. With the forestry mulcher we can come in and get done what has taken days or weeks in a matter of hours.

How Many Acres Can Be Cleared Per Day?

There is not set amount of acreage that can be cleared in a day as all sites are different along with the clients end goal. Some days only a half acre could be mulched or thinned, while others there could be up to 4 acres done in a days time. Underbrush density, trees size and proximity, terrain, obstacles such as rocks, fencing or water all play a role in how much progress can be made in a days time.

What is Your Pricing Structure?

Our pricing structure is not fixed due to the multiple variables mentioned above. Typically once a free site visit and meeting is completed with the client I will present an estimate detailing the scope of work discussed. This would include everything within the written estimate barring unforeseen changes in the scope of work for the initial agreement on work to be done. Daily, hourly or per acre pricing can be discussed.

Why should we hire you versus a competitor?

CLS Land Management strives to meet all the clients expectations and more by performing the job in a professional and timely manner. Long term relationships with customers is our goal and top priority that we wish to develop when each job is completed CLS relies heavily on customer referrals and word of mouth to continue growth in our client base and work area.